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Where is Sudie teaching now?

  • Thursday - Saturday, August 14, 15, 16
    Creating Keepsakes Convention Quick Quotes
  • Fiskars Crop Fridays, June 13 and June 27 4pm-9pm
    A crazy crop with make and takes, Fiskars tool demos, and great snacks. Come join the fun. Go buy A. C. Moore's to register. A. C. Moore's North Charleston 843 569-3838

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Kathleen Ford

My Favorite is Tagalongs! I will be looking out for my local girl scouts to get some boxes!! Yippie!!


You're crazy! Ok, today I will vote for Thanks-A-Lot cookies, I almost ate an entire box in one sitting. But I don't want to win those bc I'm tryinggggg to lose weight! :P

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