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    Creating Keepsakes Convention Quick Quotes
  • Fiskars Crop Fridays, June 13 and June 27 4pm-9pm
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That is a hoot. I am glad you had the guts to confront the zoo keeper. We may have exited the exhibit discreetly and ran for the car.

Glenda Hart

That is classic. We have had flip flops come off and go into exhibits but never hit an animal in the process. Too funny for words.

Kim Guymon

HAHAHAHAHA! That's funny!


Let me try this again. (Word captcha has not been word in the box to copy!)

FUNNY story!! Laughed all the way through!


OMG!!! Hilarious!! Sounds like something that I would do, lol! And I *love* meerkats!!


my first thought.... what did maria doooooo!!!


How embarrassing. That would happen to me.

Moriah M

Hee-hee! I don't know if I would've had the courage to say something to the zookeeper. So did she think you threw it in there to get the meerkats to throw it back?!?


LOL I am not sure! just crazy. She's been hanging out with those meerkats for company too long, I think.

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